When it comes to creating a radio station, besides buying proper equipment, you also need to know how to set up everything together. And only after you’re able to take multiple callers and host multiple guests can you say that you have total control over your radio shows. Let’s start with the basics.


First, the room where the radio station is situated needs to have soundproofing isolation. No external voices can interfere with what’s going on inside. If you’re starting a radio show or a podcast at your home, try to invest in quality sound isolation to prevent sound problems from occurring. Keep in mind that the isolation might be attacked by mold, so try to take good care of your investment. We encountered this problem once, and we had to buy an air purifier for mold (cheers cleanbreathing.net) which we let run when we were out of the studio. Now, let’s move on to choosing the equipment.


The hub of every studio is the mixing desk. Some of these desks have multiple microphones, which is very convenient if you are managing multiple guests. The Axio runs audio over IPs. This means that nothing is directly connected to the mixer itself, but everything is plugged into the mix engine. Axia is very customizable and you can connect any device to any source. The microphones should be dynamic and able to cancel outside voices and give a warm and pleasant sound for the listeners. A radio station should also have good headphones. They should be well-balanced and protect you from external voices while giving a highly detailed sound. And for all of this equipment to run smoothly, every radio station needs a powerful PC. The PC needs to be connected to a big screen (or multiple screens) that will provide you with enough monitor space for recording and editing. Last but not least, you need cables to attach the pieces of equipment together.


After you set the studio properly, it’s time to start creating content. Inviting guests might sound like an easy task, but you need to be very organized and flexible. Always prepare before the interview. The radio is a medium that can easily tell when somebody is not prepared. The voice always tells whether you’re nervous or confident and ready to rock and roll. If you’re nervous, try to meditate and stay calm. You have all this equipment, it’s time to have some fun.